SPARKULAR® waverFALL is a 180° undulating spark fall effect originally developed by SHOWVEN. It can be triggered in any direction between -90° and 90° or in wavy sequences. With 72 preset firing sequences and several editable spark effects, it brings infinite creativity to your stage. It can also be combined with SPARKULAR WAVER to generate a sparkle effect in any 360-degree direction.

Dimensions:30 x 30.5 x 28.5cm Net weight:17kg Working power:500W Housing material:304 stainless steel Motor status monitoring:Yes Color display:Yes, 3.2 Trigger direction:Ripple from -90° to 90°;Fixed trigger angle from -90° to 90 Adjustable effect angle:Yes, from -90° to 90 Preset trigger sequences:YES, 72 preset trigger sequences Hopper capacity:400g consumption HC8200:25g/min Interface:3-pin and 5-pin XLR Control:DMX, 6 channels Effect height:LARGE: 3-4m