Confetti Gun


Enjoy the confetti from any point of the stage thanks to our Confetti Gun. Surprise your audience!

The confetti gun for your concert.

Eye-catching confetti gun with 3 confetti cannons. Perfect for DJ's and dancers! Make an eye-catching and colorful spectacle that is part of the show. With our Confetti Gun you will make sure that no one forgets your concert.

Handy, lightweight and can be used with complete freedom of movement. You can fire it yourself or with your colleagues. With three shots it allows you to generate an incredible visual effect of colors for a unique show.

Up to 200 confetti shots.

The "Confetti Gun" machine works with a battery that can fire up to 200 shots. The charging of this battery is done with a cable that is included in the purchase.

To make the shot we must charge the electric cannons, either confetti or streamers of any size.

To make the shot we have two modes:

Single Shot: it manages to distinguish the two shots. When the trigger is pulled, only one cannon is fired and when the trigger is pulled again, the second projectile is fired and if we do it again, the last one will be fired.

Full Shot: Pulling the trigger in this mode fires all the cannons at the same time.

This confetti gun has a double pressure safety system to prevent accidental misfiring.

The first time the trigger is pulled, the gun unlocks and when pulled again, the gun fires.

Confetti: size, color, paper/metallic texture according to customer and stock.

For the operation of this confetti gun an electric cannon of confetti or streamers is needed.

We can use different sizes such as:

30 cm tube: with 60 grams of confetti that is expelled about 4 or 5 meters high. In the case of streamers, they are launched at 7 meters.

50 cm launcher: it contains about 120 grams of confetti and launches the contents at a height of 7 or 8 meters.

The 80 cm tube: this cannon has 200 grams of confetti and reaches up to 10 meters high. The streamers reach about 13 meters in length.


  • dimensions: (H x W x D) 10.4 x 50.5 x 10.7 cm
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Control: manual, easy to use
  • Uses electric cannons
  • Confetti or streamers
  • Single or multi-shot
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • 3 cannons
  • Built-in Powercon rechargeable battery
  • Integrated laser for directional reference