Antari Snow 500


Get the ideal snowfall thanks to our artificial snow machine ANTARI SNOW 500. Ideal for shows and events.

Anticipate heavy snowfall in any season!

Our snow machine is compact despite its large capacity. It comes with a flightcase for transport and a 10 meter hose.

You can install it simply and easily on a truss, stand or tripod.

Adjust the volume of liquid snow and air, as well as the frequency, to achieve the desired effect for your filming, event, show...

A more dynamic snow machine.

The Antari S-500 is one of the best snow machines ever developed.

Its compact and reduced design allows to store the device and its complements in a single box/suitcase with wheels for easy storage and transport.

This snow machine includes a 10 meter flexible tube with which you can expand the effects of the machine in length and height for different situations and effects.

This allows you to play with the height, unlike traditional snow machines that are placed at a certain height.

Another difference compared to other snow machines is that by having that "hose" the Antari S-500 stays in one place and more liquid can be added without problem and without having to stop the machine.

The tank of this machine is 20 liters and can be filled throughout the event.

The flexible hose disperses the snow at a wide angle of 120 degrees to achieve a snowfall that covers 4 times more than traditional models.


  • Dimensions (cm): 59.2 x 55.1 x 65.1
  • Weight: 37.2 Kg
  • Rotating head to increase the covered area
  • Integrated soundproof flight case for noise reduction
  • Integrated soundproof flight case for noise reduction
  • Adjustable "flake" size
  • DMX control
  • Extremely high output
  • For indoor and outdoor use


SNOW MACHINE Antari S500 - Paraddax FX
SNOW MACHINE Antari S500 - Paraddax FX

Profesional Snow machine with DMX y wireless control.