Flogos™ Lite 36

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Foam clouds in the shape of logos, letters and shapes flying through the air.

It is the newest way of skyvertising: advertising in the sky.

With biodegradable soap foam mixed with helium and water.

Create clouds in any shape you want

Skyvertising is a discipline that uses airspace as an advertising platform by creating drawings, shapes, logos and letters that float in the air.

FLOGO™ LITE 36 is a machine that uses biodegradable soap foam and helium as raw materials to create clouds, up to 90 centimeters in size, with different shapes and colors as varied as desired.

A template is made to measure of the shape with which you want to generate custom clouds. Then with a compressor, helium and water the foam is made and the shape is given with the template, thanks to the helium the personalized cloud will float in the air.

You can make as many as you want, and as a result we can have a sky flooded with a lot of custom foam clouds.

Now the clouds will have the shape you want.
For indoors and outdoors

Shapes, letters, logos, symbols
Custom template manufacturing.


  • Measurements: Cloud size up to 90 cm
  • Liquid: Flogo + ionized water + helium