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The best visual effects for music festivals

The best visual effects for music festivals

The best visual effects for music festivals

Going to a music festival is one of the best plans for the summer and surely for the rest of the year. Besides being a sound show, it can become a great visual spectacle with the staging of lights and visual effects that makes it a unique moment.

Why use special effects in a concert?

Surely you have heard many times about the retina effect. Well, this is the main purpose of using special effects in a concert .

The retina effect is based on the permanence of an image on the retina a few seconds after it has disappeared. When these images are presented continuously, the brain links them as a single continuous image, remaining longer in the memory.

Thus, when we associate such visual effects at a festival with an experience such as a concert, it generates a greater emotional impact and therefore the experience is much more vivid.

In other words, the special effects will give the concert more spectacle , making it enter not only through the ears, but also through the eyes.


Types of visual effects on stage

Nowadays we can find a multitude of types of special effects, but to give you an idea we are going to name the most outstanding ones worked by SpecialFx:

  • Air effect : Having fans of large size and power , which generate air flow and a great atmosphere.
  • Aromas : If you are looking to move the public to another place, the best option is a high-powered fragrance diffuser.
  • Bubbles : Original and fun, imagine a concert full of giant soap bubbles .
  • Curtain drops : They are usually perfect for concert closings, providing a grand finale thanks to the controlled curtain drop .
  • CO2 machine : Better known as megatron effect . But do not stay only in the idea of the typical cannon that ejects CO2, today you have different formats such as manual guns, fans, massive tornadoes, shapes...)
  • Confetti rain : It is usually an ideal finishing touch when in the middle of the concert we want to revive people or for the climax of the show, as the most successful song.
  • Cold fire machine: One of the most sought after special effects thanks to the amazing visual impact it generates, for example like throwing fan flames in 5 directions at the same time.
  • Smoke machine : Similar to C02, but not usually propelled, it generates a halo of smoke for a more intriguing atmosphere.
  • Snow and clouds : If you want to recreate nature effects such as flying snow or clouds with original shapes , this is the perfect effect for your concert.

Rental of visual effects machines for festivals and concerts

In Paraddax FX we offer a rental service of visual effects machines to deploy the whole show. With our company you can take the biggest audiovisual event all over Spain. We have worked in cities like Granada, Zaragoza, Toledo, Madrid, Barcelona, Guadalajara, Pamplona or Gijón among others.